She was there for you !

The crawling nights, when you cried cause of uncertain hunger strikes, and non routinely butt wash and showers. She was there to nurture by giving attention and care to make you rise.

The toddler days, when you were frightened to take the first step in strangery world. She was there to hold you tight in arms and let you felt like a most confident person on earth.

The teeny days, when puberty hit you and it felt like you are the only “oh so cool” being out there. And had attitude like “DO NOT TELL ME WHAT TO DO”. She was still there to listen up all your crappy words which made her hurt like a rock. But she taught you the right way to do everything.

The adultery days, when you were the one who got up on toes and was getting the real shit of life. She was there to make it survivable and bearable for you through repetitive concerned several calls/ msgs and re-microwaved  cold waited meal  for you.

The married days, when you became a family and felt like no space for her cause oh she became grey and ill health person, who couldn’t fit anymore. She was there in old aged home sticking her sight to see her baby steps to take her away along.

The black days, when you stood in front of your fresh blood, and felt her spiritually everywhere. Shes graved now and still hoped that her child would remind her and pray.


Cause, she knows you are a weak soul who couldn’t resist the pain, she received from


Don’t give up on me…


Someday you love, someday you don’t.

Is that a reason not to hold on me for so long?

As you belong to my body not my soul.

We are chest to chest but not soul to soul.

Isn’t it something more scary than my hidden scars?!

Isn’t it the feel of being com-modified been used for years purposely.

Isn’t it the reason of loving me, but not loving the actual died being inside me.





She went out on the sunny sparky day, the moment she left the home, and out to have the purpose of life,  The sun rays risen up the inches of her body part, as her body kissed by the sun and intimated the outsiders by her presence in the jungle,  she observed the surroundings are quite uncomfortable to let her feel naked like she forgot to get dressed.

The moment, she tried to set her scarf to hide body curves, as they are open sign or invite to strike up the masculine hunger,  she felt like lethal meat hanging in the shop of butcher. who ready to cut it down into small tiny pieces to have regular pocket full of bucks.

The queue of horny & starved masculine sights waited to long ready to play game of  hunger by filling up their lustful eyes with the tasty aromatic fresh meaty dish, ready to serve.

The moment, every red, glazed hungry eye set to squeeze out the all confidence & bravery to stand alone in the society of MAN, she shivered and hurriedly tried to ran faster to protect herself from the followed sights that started staring at her from socked toes to covered head. Unfortunately, she had disguised feel like a piece of dirt, whose existence is to let masculine watch her as a acceptable tradition, and norm, its something that she must be conditioned of as being a part of society, as SHE IS JUST THE COWARD, FRIGHTENED DEER TRIED NOT TO CATCH UP BY THE KING OF JUNGLE.

Hopelessly, she collapsed but managed to run for her life, faster and faster and ended up back warding  to home, where she hugged her mother.  now she know, what her mother taught her was right, when she was just 5.

And that is; Shes just the piece of meat- hanging in the shop of butcher !


A Poem.

Let me stay quietly till I become misery.

Just listen to me till my heart become empty.

Just pretend that you care, it’ll give me a false hope.

Tell me that you’re here and just go off when I need you the most.

After changing colors like a rainbow, put yourself away like you were never there.

That’s how myself will be disrespected.

That’s how I become to never trust anyone again.

That’s how i’ll be core-hearted, ready to do the same to someone, again.



Emotional Bonding

Is the shell that locks your conscious level and sealed you tightly, Be its family, friends, some close friend, or some special person bonding that leads you to touch the highness of sky in the matter of time, that makes you stronger and strengthen and eventually by passing time it turn out to as the most weaken part of you, if it break- you will die, as the emotional bonding is the air to breathe for the survival in this nut-shell.

Idk, How people able to break  it so smoothly and loosen the rope by their ends, and not even bothered to think about other side of that rope, like yeah, If things are not working the way they wanted, its not about to run away, but to hold-on it, and think wisely and sort the errors and misconceptions out, by having healthy conversation.

As shattered emotions hits so deep, that affected being become vulnerable and unable to trust again in life. You goes off by saying goodbye, but the emotions can’t be deceased or buried. Its good to be strong enough but pretending to be too strong will severely affect you and make you mentally ill. Such situation leads to depression, anxiety and nothing-less feels, just by over-thinking about that particular cognitive behavioral changes.

Its true that you’ve no control on certain things and people. If bonds has to be ended, or not all stories got happy, satisfying ending, its better to make it off on better and clear note. Least, respect the time zone, the minutes, seconds, you have spent with them, the relationships, you have had with them, its okay to move on, as this world isn’t granting factory !

Emotions tend to have highest degree to let the person satisfy or devastate, be clear sighted with whom you’re bonded, emotionally !


Perfection- “not enough” !

   PERFECTION- since, we heard that “no one is perfect”.

But the utter truth is the every person wants perfection in other, not just materialistically, but also morally, emotionally- we want perfection!!

Here, in this world, we do see people are happy with imperfections too, but the point is that, does anyone has ever scaled PERFECTION? WHAT IS PERFECTION? HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE A PERFECT SOUL? OR A PERFECT DINNER YOU HAVE ARRANGED FOR SOMEONE?

In my view, perfection is not a word- its distraction, its hopelessness, its limitations- don’t ever go for perfections- it will lead you nowhere, but a sadden soul, who approaches a state of insufficiency, emptiness, inadequate state- that has no 1st stand, but will lead you to “not enough” zone.

What count to make you a happy soul is just your efforts, intentions, energy; you’re transferring in and those seconds of life you devoting to shape anything or anyone perfect. If you’re adding these ingredients, surely, it will turn out as the best made. Maybe, that’s not perfect for you, but you find it most satisfying and a life souvenir. 

Happiness, satisfaction and completeness- all can be found, even if you’re imperfect. What matters the most, is the feel to being occupied fully with mental relaxation. Don’t be a mediocre to accomplish the level of perfection- that has no definition. Just go, and be the one who is perfect in his own skin, and thankful to Allahpak, as for HIM, you are the most blessed creation, could it be a task for him to make you perfect in all domain? NO!  But still, he didn’t make you perfect. Because, you would’ve been reached the level of pride, arrogance and self admiration; are the extreme point of perfection, and considered as wrongdoings, sinful acts that transgress the Islamic teachings.

So, grow- growth is good and healthy, thrive and excel in every aspect of life with good intentions and pure heart. Once you done with all efforts, leave the rest on ALLAH, if things doesn’t turnout as what you expect, indeed, that would be the best outcome for you, chosen by HIM, even you get rewarded for your intention and efforts you make in life and hereafter, but don’t make this sweet soul sadden just because you’re not perfect. Work on becoming a better person from inside too, and for that you don’t need to be perfect. 

The new perfection- is the imperfect soul struggles high to bake a perfect chocolate cake.


Mid-night hours, the show time for people who loves to think, write, draw and like to listen the inner voice of freedom by using such mediums of ART ❤

After all day struggle and hooking up in same loop, we majorly forget that the inside being  needs to be imprisoned from the wrestling arena of life.

We need to analyse all these cultured audible waves of pressure ; some good, some bad, with all these noises in our hustle and bustle environment turn into huge giant wave that leaves heavy impact on mental and physical health and  enough to shut our own inner voice.

From 24 hours of a day, take out a leisure time to hear, connect and make bond with your own inner soul. when all voices fall asleep, when world  fall asleep, that’s your time to begin the show, YOUR OWNED TIME- to talk to your soul.

Yes, your soul wants to talk to you. listen to it.what you need to find is the medium through which this relation/ bond could made up. Communicate to your soul. it can be done through acts, writings, music, learning, designing, reading, painting, sketching sculpturing-  there are many ways to through which you can find the inner peace, by engaging yourself in the world of ARTS.

BUT, being a Muslim, we have firm belief  on Allah PAK, has got peace of mind and soul. what ever the medium you find to communicate to your soul, relate it to the greatness to ALLAH PAK. Because,  where our thoughts, struggles, tolerance, patience ends, HIS  wisdom, mercy, gracious & most significant power, to turn impossible to possible starts !

All you need is the- SILENT WALLS AROUND YOU !




Mental illness starts with overthinking, being over sensitive about anything, if things are not in control, its better to blow all your worries towards sky, cause, nothing is uncontrollable for him.Just close your eyes and feel the presence of your creator. Indeed, hes listening and watching all your worries and HE got power to turn those worries into satisfaction. that you get right after knowing that HE IS ALWAYS WITH YOU, NO MATTER WHAT ❤

-Inside Monster

We all know that in this month, satan chained up and locked up .Whereas, we (the Muslims) are held responsible for the sinful acts and bad deeds and couldn’t blame satan for persuasions and manipulation in the month of Ramazan.

Still here comes a question in my mind, is that, Is there really a physical existence of satan that provokes us to do such unacceptable acts that are prohibited in Islam?!

and We’ve presumed that all the acts and deeds are influenced because of that satanic existence in outlives except this Holly month. Well, that’s not true. As we all use to say in the end of Holly month that *SHAITAN AZAAD HOGYA*

The real existence of shaitan is inside us, in our blood that circulates in our body. Allah Pak has blessed us this month to reassure us about the satanic existence is being caughtup and get chained. so, now find who provokes you and influences you to do bad and impermissible acts.

Find the real satan that lives inside you ! There isn’t any physical existence of satan, its just the high time in Ramadan, when we have to analyse our deen and how much we are practicing on it in our lives,

Shaitan gets feeded by us throughout whole year by nafs. As Nafs is the most dominating intrinsic power in human body, that gets pleased when we do- what we want to, Not what Allah has obligated us and commanded us to do.

And in Ramadan we’ve to fight against nafs that gets feeded by evilish ideas, desires, power of lust and insatiable imaginations. and that’s how the inside satan can be defeated. Its just all about you, and you level of obedience towards Allah’s commands.

Either you play to win Paradise, or let Satan play to win eternal fires of hell for you.


Live Racers

We, the live racers, are running. Just running in the search of nothing. We all are loaded with stress, disappointments and with the fear of loosing race.

We all want to win the title of status, financial security and everything that makes us secure and safe.

We are the racers of never ending race.

Just stop for a sec, and listen to your heart beat. Its beating and giving you the evidence that you’re a being. Being that have a purposeful life. Yeah, WE, the beings-are not the racers.

We all are here to full-fill the purpose.What we need to know first is that, the real purpose of our existence.
Cause we are not born to be a mediocre